My Philosophy

As a facilitator to your process, I draw on several principles of healing and growth that are rooted in my spiritual philosophy of seeking balance. Respect and care for the therapeutic relationship is paramount. I seek to make it one of integrity----honest, warm, compassionate----so that you can come to know there is a safe place for all of your thoughts and feelings. Pacifica Therapist Dashland Photo With increasing trust, possibilities open----the re-discovery of your strengths, the re-building of your confidence and the development of greater self-acceptance.

The “mind/body” connection is a second principle on which my psychotherapy practice is founded. Present moment attention and body awareness allow us to work through emotional blocks that often obstruct growth or the resolution of a problem. My hope is to create an environment for your unique process to unfold.

In our relationship, I welcome your input and will offer my feedback as may be suited to each individual situation.